Monday, February 28, 2011

Dieting while on spring break

So you work so hard to get in tip top shape for spring break but most of us fail to keep it and loose everything we worked so hard for during the break.  A week does not seem like a long time but it can seriously hinder you body.  Drinking sugars drinks, eating fatty food, not exercising, and not sleeping can have long term effects that will harm all the hard work you have put into becoming healthy.  Do NOT get me wrong you deserve to have fun and live it up while on vacation but just be conscience of how much fun is too much.  When I am on vacation may not workout everyday but I will walk to dinner, or take a walk on the beach instead of laying out, I order a salad instead of a pizza if I am going to have dessert.  I stick to a plate that has less then 25% carbs and choose foods that I enjoy and love but not make me feel gross 15 minutes later.  When I drink it is in moderation... I know its college and nothing especially drinking is in moderation but at least do not get a drink that is 90% sugar, order tonic or sparkling water and vodka or a glass of red wine.  Some thing that will not add tons of extra calories.  I am here in Florida and stick to only one meal or outing I will drink.  It is hard to be on a diet or be healthy on vacation when you just want to relax and do whatever you want but look long term and at the past.  Your hard work you have done so far and the body you want to or already have. Enjoy your break!
Look at these gross but cool jellyfish that are all over the sand because they have washed up from the ocean

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