Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fit Celebs Keep their rockin' bodies... Here is how

7. Pippa Middleton
The royal sister maintains her
physique with a mix of Pilates,
running, and an all-around active lifestyle

23. Kate Middleton
She stays in shape with a mix of sports and gym moves

13. Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon
pounding the pavement
during one of her favorite pastimes, running,
she also is a devoted yoga fan

12. Brooklyn Decker
Supermodel Brooklyn Decker's
crazy dieting past is behind her.
Instead of unhealthy eating and juice fasts,
Brooklyn now has a better relationship with food.

19. Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra went to her trainer for
"lots of glutes and arms and back exercises"
 and cut out sugar

11. Gisele Bundchen
She maintained her routine of yoga and
healthy eating in 2011 adding a bit of
early-morning Tai-Chi into the mix as well.

9. Marisa Miller
Marisa Miller follows a hard-core routine
that includes spinning, boxing,
and lots of squats to stay in shape.
5. Miranda Kerr
Miranda's normal healthy routine
of Pilates, yoga, and organic greens
helped her get her body back in shape
2. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz's guns isn't a clue that she take fitness seriously, maybe
this leg-toning workout from her trainer Teddy Bass is.

1. Jessica Biel
There's her 2010 hike to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, her fit-and-fun lifestyle ), and her enviable toned physique.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Lazy Mondays

Do you ever feel lazy or warn out on Mondays.  Here are some easy tips that will help you keep on track with you healthy lifestyle but still not cramp your lazy style
  •  Lazy Move No. 1: Protect Your Ticker by Snoozing
Some researchers speculate that insomnia might trigger your body to release more of the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol have been linked with high blood pressure and diabetes, which are both risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
  • Lazy Move No. 2: Ward Off Weight Gain With Protein
By adding more protein to your dish could be your slim-down secret weapon. Past research has found that protein keeps you feeling full longer than either carbs or fat, so you can eat less and still be satiated.
Instead of . . . ½ cup granola with one cup berries (seven grams protein, 250 calories)
Try . . . ½ cup low-fat cottage cheese with one cup berries (15 grams protein, 131 calories)
Instead of . . . 1¼ cup mashed potatoes (five grams protein, 296 calories)
Try . . . 1¼ cup vegetarian baked beans (15 grams protein, 295 calories)
Instead of . . . six-inch pancake sans butter or syrup (five grams protein, 175 calories)
Try . . . one cup low-fat plain yogurt with ½ cup apricots (13 grams protein, 186 calories)
  • Lazy Move No. 3: Rock Out to Exercise Longer
Researchers at Brunel University in London found that runners who listened to upbeat, energizing rock or pop music (like Queen, Madonna, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers) exercised up to 15 percent longer — and felt great while doing it.
  • Lazy Move No. 4: Boost Brain Power With Chocolate
 A recent study found that those consuming the highest levels of chocolate had a 37 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 29 percent reduction in strokes compared to those with lower chocolate intakes.

Goals: 1/30-2/5

  • Record my Purchases
  • Do strength at least 3 times this week
  • Do yoga at least twice
  • Take time for myself
  • Complete tasks lists (aka homework, clean)

1/30-2/4 Workout and Food Log

am: Run 40 Minutes
pm: Cycle 45 minutes

Am: Run 45 minutes

Food Log
Breakfast: Pop chips 3 small 50 cal bags
Lunch: Salad--> 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup goat cheese, bag of lettuce, 1/3 cup almonds, lite Annie's honey mustard dressing 1/4 cup
Snack: luna bar
Dinner: chipole salad pork, salad, veggie, salsa, guac, corn, chips

Breakfast: 2 popchips (they are free)
Snack: luna bar
Lunch: 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup goat cheese, bag of lettuce, 1/3 cup almonds, lite Annie's honey mustard dressing 1/4 cup

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boosting your Metabolism

Eat Your Breakfast
    When you eat plays a major role in metabolism, especially when it comes to breakfast. After a good night's rest, the body needs fuel, but if you skip out on breakfast, it will conserve energy by slowing down your metabolism.

Spice Is Nice
    Incorporating spices like like chili, turmeric, and cinnamon to your food is an easy way to add taste and calorie-burning properties to your next meal
Warm Me Up foods
  • Soup, Chilli, Curry

    Vinegar packs a double whammy — not only does it help boost your metabolism, but vinegar can also act as an appetite suppressant



  • Go ahead, take a break. The caffeine in coffee and green tea has been proven to increase your metabolism. Dark chocolate can help

Get Proper Sleep

  •  Not catching enough Zs doesn't allow metabolism to function properly, and instead your metabolism slows down. Making matters worse, poor sleep causes an increase in the hormone ghrelin, which signals the body to eat more.

Intense Cardio

  • Some intense cardio workouts to try: running, indoor cycling, or interval training





Muscle Power

  •  While how much is unclear, one thing is known: muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat. Depending on which study you read, a pound of muscle burns anywhere from 15-50 calories per day. Compare this to fat, which averages about two calories per day.

Hydrate With Water

  • Drinking water is rarely a bad thing, but it just got even better: a German study showed that after drinking 17 ounces of water, the participants' metabolism had an increase of about 30 percent.


FitnessmeI want to be able to do this.I think this is itthat's right. skip the junk food. eating healthy!Keep goingInspirationalImportant message to remembersummerLove the focusTruth!NICE.Indeed. @Rachel LewisPerspective is everything.disciplineI should remember that.must tell myself this.  everyday....working out is sexy

Monday, January 23, 2012


Check out Mint.com for a great tool for a budget

Budget for a month:
Rent: $820
Groceries: $300 ($75 a week)
Restruants: $50 ($12.50 a week)
Bars/Alcohol: $30 ($7.50 a week -- means happy hour or get boys to buy drinks :)
Movies/Entertainment: $35
Utilities: $35
Gas for car: $80 (going to try and do less)
Clothing: $150 (a girl has go to shop)
Hair and personal care: $150
Laundry: $10                                     
Total $840 (not including rent) + rent = $1660

Want to save for...
  • Trip to Europe to backpack for a month in Summer
  • Trip to costa rica to go cliff jumping and surfing in Summer

This Weeks Workout Log

Monday 1/23:
45 minute Spin Class

Tuesday 1/24:
Day off to busy :(

Wednesday 1/25:
50 minutes Run

Tone It Up Slim Down

Day 1 Monday1/23:
Meal 1: Oatmeal- 1/2 cup oats, nutmeg, Cinnamon, 1/8 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup fruit
Meal 2: Luna Bar
Meal 3: Sushi yummm
Meal 4: 2 clementines
Meal 5: Salad- Goat cheese 1/4 cup, avocado 1/4, almonds 1/4 cup

Day 2: Tuesday 1/24:
Meal 1: Oatmeal- 1/2 cup oats, nutmeg, Cinnamon, 1/8 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup fruit
Meal 2: Luna Bar
Meal 3: Salad- Goat cheese 1/4 cup, avocado 1/4, almonds 1/4 cup
Meal 4: chips and guac (gave in )
Meal 5: Sweet potato patties

Day 3: Wednesday 1/25:
Meal 1: Luna bar & 2 kiwis
Meal 2: 1 100 calorie popchip bag
Meal 3:
Meal 4:
Meal 5:

This Weeks Goals

  • Start Tone It Up Slim Down
  • Do Cardio and/or Strength everyday
  • Start a budget and Stick to it

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coolest Rope Swing EVER!!!


Bucket List for 2012

  • Find a job I love

  • Become a great surfer

  • Become a great boxer

  • Be more Confident

  • Fall in Love at least once

  • Go on an adventure Vacation

  • Travel in Europe for a month

  • Kiss someone completely random

  • Do something that scared me at least once a week

  • Become an established Blogger

  • Have a summer fling

  • Be someone I am proud of

  • Live with my best friend

  • Go base jumping

  • Sleep on the beach

    • Image DetailGraduation of College

    • Finding a full time job I LOVE

    • Blogging at least once a week

    • Getting to a weight I am comfortable with

    • Becoming good a surfer

    • Running a half marathon in a 7:15 mile pace

    • Go on an adventure vacation
    • Become a boxer