Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bucket List for 2012

  • Find a job I love

  • Become a great surfer

  • Become a great boxer

  • Be more Confident

  • Fall in Love at least once

  • Go on an adventure Vacation

  • Travel in Europe for a month

  • Kiss someone completely random

  • Do something that scared me at least once a week

  • Become an established Blogger

  • Have a summer fling

  • Be someone I am proud of

  • Live with my best friend

  • Go base jumping

  • Sleep on the beach

    • Image DetailGraduation of College

    • Finding a full time job I LOVE

    • Blogging at least once a week

    • Getting to a weight I am comfortable with

    • Becoming good a surfer

    • Running a half marathon in a 7:15 mile pace

    • Go on an adventure vacation
    • Become a boxer

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