Monday, January 23, 2012


Check out for a great tool for a budget

Budget for a month:
Rent: $820
Groceries: $300 ($75 a week)
Restruants: $50 ($12.50 a week)
Bars/Alcohol: $30 ($7.50 a week -- means happy hour or get boys to buy drinks :)
Movies/Entertainment: $35
Utilities: $35
Gas for car: $80 (going to try and do less)
Clothing: $150 (a girl has go to shop)
Hair and personal care: $150
Laundry: $10                                     
Total $840 (not including rent) + rent = $1660

Want to save for...
  • Trip to Europe to backpack for a month in Summer
  • Trip to costa rica to go cliff jumping and surfing in Summer

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